Earl Thomas Wants Trade, DeMarcus Lawrence’s Future And Randy Gregory Expectations

Check out the latest Dallas Cowboys Rumors on the Cowboys Report with Tom Downey. The Dallas Cowboys rumors featured today include if Earl Thomas wants a trade and if the Cowboys can make it happen, if Dallas will franchise tag DeMarcus Lawrence in 2019 and if Randy Gregory is expected to do too much now that he has been reinstated.

Plus, Tom discusses if the Cowboys trading for Earl Thomas is “media hype”, if Dallas made a push to sign DeMarcus Lawrence to a long-term deal, if Tyrone Crawford will be staying at DE with Randy Gregory’s return and if Dak Prescott is the best QB in the NFL against the blitz. 

Check out the complete list of Cowboys rumors below and in the video. 

The video is from the Cowboys Report, a Facebook live show and a video podcast on iTunes. All of these videos can also be found on the new Cowboys channel, Cowboys Report on YouTube.

– Earl Thomas wants a trade?
– Thomas to DAL is media hype?
– Will an Earl Thomas trade happen?
– DAL didn’t push to sign D-Law?
– Second tag for Lawrence?
– Tank won’t play on tag in 2019?
– Too high expectations for Gregory?
– Tyrone Crawford staying at DE?
– Dak Prescott best in the NFL against the blitz?

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